Smiley The Ball

A Radical New Ball Bringing Smiles To Children

Smiley The Ball is not your ordinary golf ball. This ball has been played on PGA golf courses by some of the top professionals in golf to bring awareness to Mr. Smiley's favorite cause, Shriners Cleft and Pallet Repair. Like a smile, no one ball is the same, they are all unique bringing that extra special something to each owner of this awesome ball. The journey of Mr. Smiley began years ago and is now available for pre-orders to take home and proudly display.  For every Smiley The Ball acquired a portion of proceeds goes to Shriners Hospital for Children Cleft and Palet repair unit. Help Mr. Smiley bring smiles to the children and a warmth in your heart pre-order your Smiley The Ball today.

To pre-order please email