Smiley The Ball is the only golf ball of its kind in the world. A patent pending 14-step process is used to create the most demanding golf ball on the market. Smiley is an after-market ball that has no affiliation with any one ball manufacturer.

THE CUT (aka “The Smile”) – The process begins with a precise cut into the ball using a custom tool made specifically to produce Smiley. This exact machine milled cutting process insures that each and every Smiley will have the consistent flight characteristics that every elite level golfer expects and demands. Each dozen Smiley balls come with an assortment of “smile” colors including Blue, Green, Red and Gold.

It took 1 ½ years and thousands of shots hit by some very talented players to discover the maximum tolerances for depth and width of cut. Only after this long and demanding process were we able to produce a ball that is now being used by the best players in the game as a way to challenge their golfing skills (and patience) as never before.

THE SAFETY GRIND – Although Smiley is the straightest flying golf ball in this specialized market, we go the extra mile by rounding off the edges and then we apply ¼ inch foam rubber “lips” that provide a “soft” landing.


Smiley is available for purchase on a limited basis. To pre-order Smiley golf balls email us at Only elite level players with a verified USGA handicap index of 7.4 or lower based on the below will be able to purchase and play Smiley.  Only eight golfers at each golf course including:

1- Amateur – GHIN 3.8
1- Sr. Amateur (50+) -GHIN 5.6
1- Super Sr. Amateur (65+) – GHIN 5.6
1- Woman – GHIN 7.4
1- Junior Boy (18yrs and under) – GHIN 3.8
1- Junior Girl (18yrs and under) – GHIN 7.4
1- Professional – GHIN 3.8
1- Senior Professional (50+) -GH)N – 5.6
1- Super Senior Professional (65+) GHIN – 5.6

Each player that purchases Smiley will receive 12 Smiley golf balls. These 12 balls will be registered in the name of the player for use on the golf course that they specify. This will guarantee that they will set the Smiley Golf Course Record for that specific golf course in their specific division. Even if an “Inaugural” Smiley Golf Course Record is eventually broken, each “Inaugural” Smiley Golf Course Record Score will be acknowledged in a special historical section on the website that honors the early-adopters that were the first to play Smiley Golf at their designated course.


To set a Smiley Golf Course Record a player must purchase and play with authentic Smiley golf balls. They must be a qualified player that registers through the website. The registration will include the name of the player, the name of the golf course that they will be playing and the division that they will be playing in. To be considered an “Official Record Score” they must have a minimum of two witnesses that will be present for the entire 18-hole round. The witnesses can be other players in the group and they must attest to the hole-by-hole scores and the total 18-hole score. Witnesses will not be responsible for verifying any of the round statistic (Fairways Hit, Greens In Regulation, Putts etc.). For further information see Smiley Golf Course Record Rules and Guidelines.